International Work Group for Integrated Coloproctology and Research Methodology.

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The Work Group Project
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  • The final aim of this web site is to create such group which is expected to conduct multi-center trials comparing different approaches using integrated anorectal physiology against each other and against traditional research methodology aiming at suggesting the appropriate research methodology which should be used by most of the centers all over the world for management of cases with functional anorectal disorders.
  • Criteria for selection of the ideal approach in functional Coloproctology:
    • It should suggest and quantitate the mechanical factors responsible for normal continence and normal defecation.
    • It should suggest and quantitate the role played by sensory and reflex factors and how they interact with mechanical factors in normal individuals.
    • Explain and confirm the non controversial database reported previously in the literature using the traditional research methodology.
    • Clearly explain and justify the controversies reported in the data base using traditional research methodology.
    • It can diagnose and accurately quantitate the severity of Anal Incontinence and constipation without overlap between normal and abnormal.
    • It should be able to quantitate the role played by each individual factor if the cause of A.I. or constipation is multifactorial in any individual patient.
    • Help in accurate planning of treatment in any particular patient.
    • Helps for predicting outcome of treatment in any individual patient.
    • Follow up of patients after treatment with accurate Quantitation of the role played individually by each treatment modality if different modalities are combined in any particular patient.
    • Helps to create new more accurate diagnostic or novel treatment modalities for functional anorectal disorders.

Each of the above 10 points assessment is scored from 0-10 according to its overall accuracy in achieving the suggested goals. With an overall accuracy score made of 100 points.


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