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  • Job Title
    Professor of General Surgery – Cairo University. Egypt.

  • Key responsibilities
    Teaching, Research and treatment.

  • Department or workgroup
    Department of General Surgery. Kasr El Aini University Hospital. Faulty of Medicine - Cairo University.

  • Dr. Farag’s Coloproctology Lab and Clinic. (F.C.L.C.). Doctors’ Tower. Abd El-Aziz Gawish st., 20. Bab El-Louk. Cairo Egypt.

  • Arab Contractors Medical Center. Nasr City. Cairo – Egypt.


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  • Writing a book reviewing the literature in Coloproctology from the flow equation point of view.
  • Study of the etiology of hemorrhoids. Anal fissure, Perianal suppuration and perianal fistulae from the flow equation and Hybrid low point of view.
  • Construction of an International Work Group for Integrated Coloproctology (IWGICP).



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