Flow Index Contispation

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Flow Index contispation
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Facts and Controversies

  • Using a fixed Dynamic viscosity for Air, Water and Barium Sulphate, only 3 measurements are done in calculation of Flow Index in constipated patients:

    1. Mean Intrarectal pressure during defecation as measured using computerized anorectal manometry.

    2. A.C. Length .

    3. A.C. Diameter.

  • Both 2 and 3 are measured in cm. from the lateral defecographic views on a standard abdominal film.

  • A flow index of 1cc/s. was taken as well as a cut off point between obstructed defecation (flow < 1cc/s.) and unobstructed flow in the absence of anatomical obstruction or excessively hard stools during defecation.



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