The Equation: calculation of The Flow Index

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The Equation
Flow Index calculator
Flow Index contispation
Defecation Norm Gram
Anal Incontinence
Continence Norm Gram
Applications of use of the Theory
Facts and Controversies

  • The Intrarectal pressures are measured manometrically in K.Pascal
    where 100 mmHg = 13.3 Kpa.
  • A.C. Length and Diameter are measured from the lateral defecographic views in Meters.
  • Dynamic Viscosity of Bowel Gas, liquid stools and soft well formed stools were approximated to that of :
    Air = 0.00001905 Kg m -1 s -1.,
    Water= 0.000723 Kg m -1 s -1
    Barium Sulphate Paste = 0.0013092 Kg m -1 s -1., respectively
  • Flow Index = Liter/S. (X1000 = cc/s.)



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